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Frequently asked questions

How do I hire a TACC apprentice?

Register your interest with TACC Auto Apprenticeships, and an area manager will contact you about potential candidates available.

Do I need to release the apprentice from work for TAFE?

An apprentice/trainee will need to attend TAFE or an RTO at regular intervals for the duration of their training contract. Depending on the training arrangement, TAFE training may occur once a week or 1 week block release, 4-9 weeks per year. The rest of the time is spent in the workplace.

What costs are involved?

You will only need to pay an hourly charge-out rate according to the hours worked by the apprentice/trainee within your workplace or at TAFE. You do not pay for the apprentice/trainee's leave or superannuation.

How much is the apprentice or trainee paid?

As per award conditions. Apprentices are employed under the Vehicle Manufacturing Repair Services and Retail Award 2010. Trainees are employed under the National Training Wage Award.

How does the TACC recruit its apprentices/trainees?

  • Step 1: Applications are thoroughly reviewed to meet strict selection criteria
  • Step 2: Shortlisted applicants are interviewed by a TACC area manager

If the interview is successful, applicants move on to the next stage:

  • Step 3: Applicants to complete and pass key areas of an aptitude test
  • Step 4: Full medical assessment
  • Step 5: 1 day induction


To learn more about taking on an apprentice contact

North and North West Region
Peter Spencer
P: 0400 442 203
E: pspencer@tacc.com.au

South Region
Nigel Fox
P: 0418 509 482
E: nfox@tacc.com.au